Mortgage brokers are professionals in the home loan industry. We work with you to determine your borrowing needs and how much you can borrow. Brokers, like us, help to ensure that you don’t take out a loan that is too big for you. We also help to ensure that you don’t waste your time and money applying for loan products that may not be right for you, or for loans that you may not be eligible for.

Professional mortgage brokers like us focus on loans. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. If your car is broken you take it to a mechanic. You go to someone trained to help you with your specific needs. It’s the same when you need a loan.

Proactive have access to a wide variety of loans, which means that we can find a loan that’s just right for you.

Some mortgage brokers charge a fee and some don’t – we don’t. There is a myth that it costs more to use a mortgage broker than when you go directly to a bank, which is not true at all. Brokers get paid a commission by the bank for bringing new business to them, this does not impact your rate, level of service, fees or cost of doing business.

Some brokers charge a fee for their service. They must disclose this fee upfront to you so you know what you will be up for if you engage their services. However, the costs of the loan are the same, depending on the loan you choose.

Absolutely not! There is legislation in our industry, called the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (or NCCP), that is designed to protect consumers and ensure ethical and professional standards in the finance industry. We tell you upfront what commission we will be getting from the bank.

Our job – our only job – is to find the best loan for your needs and serviceability.

This all depends on your personal financial circumstances. Circumstances include: how much you have saved for a deposit, and what your current expenses are.

Give us a call and we can go into your options in more detail, or check out the loan calculator page of our site.

Before helping you make a choice between a fixed or variable rate loan, we must be aware of your circumstances and objectives. What’s right for one person may not be right for the next. Additionally, we only recommend a product based on what you say is important to you. For example, “pay my loan off quickly” or “guaranteed repayments”. We cannot determine which loan is right for you without a full understanding of your financial circumstances. This is what we mean when we talk about ‘personalised service’!

Sure thing! We are mobile brokers so we can come to you, and we also have the option of meeting online.

We are Connective Brokers. This means that we have access to a large panel of lenders – these include the major banks, second tier lenders and credit unions. You get much more choice by dealing with us than you would if you dealt with only one bank or credit union. We can source you a loan from the lender of your choice!

The Reserve Bank of Australia meets on the first Tuesday every month to determine the official cash rate for the country. The lenders then use this information to set their own interest rates. Mortgage brokers do not set rates, they shop around to find you the most competitive rate.

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